Family Day👨‍👩‍👧

Family day, having the same RDO with my dad and I decided to bring them to try something new. 

We went to La Chine to have our morning tea, this restaurant is located at level 6 inside the tower, the food is good and my parent were so happy and keep taking photo and post to the social media XD

We have ordered total 4 dim sum, 1 fired rice, 1 veggie, 1 dumpling, it cost mop600 in total without any discount. (There is 10% discount for SRC member) 

Long time haven’t spend time with my parent and love to bring them around and enjoy the time being with them.😙😙😙

No make up day with messy hair :)

Nothing is better than having a relax breakfast in the morning and don’t need to rush to work.

My day off but someone still need to work……

Lax Cafe is our favorite place to have a relax breakfast, nice environment and only 10 mins walk from home, most importantly, they do provide all day breakfast. 😬
Day off, no make up with messy hair, but who care? 😁


小丸子黎左澳門,由展覽開始之前個幾月就買定early bird 飛 ge我,一直到完結前幾日,終於都有事間去啦,小丸子係我由細睇到大的卡通片,一直都覺得自己ge性格同小丸子都有d似,終於都有機會黎同佢影下相啦~~~




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Birthday Foshan Trip

So busy preparing my wedding these day and finally I have time to update my birthday in August.

Stephen and I went to Foshan for a short trip, we only stay 2 night in Double Tree, the first day we arrived is already 20:00, we just stay in hotel for the first night and full day sightseeing on the next day.

One of the place that we went to is 南風古灶,that is such a beautiful and peaceful place.

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Japas Macau,值得一試!

同朋友早幾日去左一間位於黑沙環八達商場入面開左兩個幾月ge新餐廳 Japas Macau,地點對唔熟八達商場ge人黎講係比較難揾d,總之就係係聖保祿中學個側門對面啦,我地每人叫左一個set dinner,有成7到8 個course,再自己叫左一杯drink,一共食左兩個幾鐘,埋單人頭450,個人覺得可以值得一試,如果暫時負擔唔到去車呔人三星餐廳比兩千蚊食個set dinner,le到就係平價首選啦,下面就睇下我食左d乜啦~~~

一坐底,枱上面有個special drink ge menu,我地都叫左杯coconut water,第一啖已經有驚喜,佢係好似水咁ge顏色,但係味道就完全冇溝水,超濃椰子味,好似飲緊椰青咁,必點!!!

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仲有跟個椰子味雪芭,服務員話係可以加落杯椰子水到一齊飲,但係我就成舊食左落肚 XD

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食飽就搭車北上啦,到拱北的第一站就係去修甲,查個靚靚指甲油,今次隻色真係超中意,唔知點解自己幫自己查係永遠都查唔到咁靚的…. 搞左個几鐘就去愛莎匯揾15號師傅剪左個靚髮,剪哂D分差GE頭毛,心情都靚哂 🙂

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搞點哂又番番澳門,突然之間覺得自己身癢好需要SHOPPING, 所以… 今日又大出血啦~~~

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因為嘛嘛生日,所以夾左兩日RDO同一日AL,黎左個三日三夜的廣州回鄉之旅啦。星期六一收工就坐6點50分大巴番廣州,到廣州已經係夜晚九點半左右,坐埋Uber 番屋企戈頭就已經係十點啦,到步第一件事當然係食屋企樓下我至愛的潮州魚旦粉啦!!!

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Nam Van Lake & Durian Dessert in my day off

Working in a operation department in a hotel, we only have 1 day off per week, when the day off come, you don’t know if you want to take a rest or go out for fun, if you take a rest for the whole day, you will feel like you have wasted a day off, however if you go out and play for the whole day, you will feel like you don’t have time to take rest then need to work for another 6 days again……..==”’

During the day off yesterday, I decided to hang out with Stephen and also because of the VIP day in New Yaohan, after we do some little shopping, we went to Nam Van Lake, Nam Van Lake is a new attraction in Macao where you can have a water bicycle ride and also there is IFT Café with indoor and outdoor area, it is a best place to spend some time…


Sandwich at IFT Café, affordable… best place for student.

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