Nam Van Lake & Durian Dessert in my day off

Working in a operation department in a hotel, we only have 1 day off per week, when the day off come, you don’t know if you want to take a rest or go out for fun, if you take a rest for the whole day, you will feel like you have wasted a day off, however if you go out and play for the whole day, you will feel like you don’t have time to take rest then need to work for another 6 days again……..==”’

During the day off yesterday, I decided to hang out with Stephen and also because of the VIP day in New Yaohan, after we do some little shopping, we went to Nam Van Lake, Nam Van Lake is a new attraction in Macao where you can have a water bicycle ride and also there is IFT Café with indoor and outdoor area, it is a best place to spend some time…


Sandwich at IFT Café, affordable… best place for student.

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First Time in DUBAI!!!

It has been one and half month, but I feel so excited until now when thinking about the Dubai trip in April 2016.

I never think I can go to Dubai and this time, there is a opportunity for me and Stephen to join the international congress in Dubai, there were so many first time happened in Dubai and we both have a unforgettable experience in our life.

Since we are taking 7am flight to Dubai from Hong Kong, so all the member from Macao depart together and we were taking 3am ferry to Hong Kong, then we go to the airport directly to check in.


We are ready!!! XD @ HKIA

This was the longest flight in my life, at least until this moment, it took 8 hours from HK to Dubai and what we did on the plane? You know it (zzzZZZ)………. since we didn’t sleep for the whole night, when we are on the plane, we were so tired already and we skip the breakfast and sleep until the lunch time…..

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