First Time in DUBAI!!!

It has been one and half month, but I feel so excited until now when thinking about the Dubai trip in April 2016.

I never think I can go to Dubai and this time, there is a opportunity for me and Stephen to join the international congress in Dubai, there were so many first time happened in Dubai and we both have a unforgettable experience in our life.

Since we are taking 7am flight to Dubai from Hong Kong, so all the member from Macao depart together and we were taking 3am ferry to Hong Kong, then we go to the airport directly to check in.


We are ready!!! XD @ HKIA

This was the longest flight in my life, at least until this moment, it took 8 hours from HK to Dubai and what we did on the plane? You know it (zzzZZZ)………. since we didn’t sleep for the whole night, when we are on the plane, we were so tired already and we skip the breakfast and sleep until the lunch time…..

Once we arrive, there was a shuttle bus to bring us to the hotel directly, the hotel that we stay is JW Marriott Marquis and we were staying on 62 floor, this is the view from our room… very high!!!IMG_0375

After we fleshing up ourselves, we were so hungry and knowing that there is a shuttle service from the hotel to the Dubai Mall, then we immediately went to Dubai Mall to get something to eat and this is the first meal in Dubai, before going to Dubai, I thought I won’t like the food here coz there is not Asia, but the fact is… here got so much choices, pasta, noodle, steak… whatever you want, you can find here, so I don’t need to worry about at all.

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping in the world, but we don’t have a lot of time to do shopping this time, after our lunch, we need to return to the hotel and get change, and go to the opening ceremony at Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world). First time joining the congress and everything is amazing here, there were a lot people from all over the world, and there are about 700 member join us…… I can’t believe I have been here until now…

The next day, we have a tour to join, the first place to go…. this is the reason why I don’t like joining the tour when traveling, the first place we been, is a “Sa B Palace”, we only have 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the square, not even in front of the palace, then we need to return to the bus…. what is the point bringing us here? to enjoy the sunshine?? XD

After the “Sa B Palace”, we have a cruise ride for about 1.5 hours, and this is also my first on the cruise, coz we don’t have enough water and so hot here in Dubai, so Stephen bought 2 Dubai coke to drink. 🙂

On the 3rd day, we need to join the Educational Symposium in the hotel ballroom, first time joining such a big event… in Dubai… and I did learn something from this Educational Symposium.



The Educational Symposium is only for half day, and what we have done in the afternoon…. OMG!!! we were going to the desert, another first time in my life!!! There are about 100 jeep bring all the member to the desert!!!

After eating so much sands in the desert, it’s time for dinner and the dinner venue also in the desert, but… when we are on the way to the dinner palace… guess what… our jeep… has some problem and can not run…. so we wait at the main road and waiting for them to drive another jeep to pick us up, first time ……


when we were waiting for another jeep….


there are some camel at the dinner place, many people have a camel ride, but for me… noooooo….


and next day morning during the General Assembly

Half day free time… actually we escape from the tour and decided to have our own arrangement… we been the silk souk, gold souk and take the local ferry, emirate mall, had a lot of fun when buying the scarf…. XD


Having dinner on the boat, buffet dinner…


Member from Asia~~~

On the last day…. we were having a gala dinner at the Atlantis the Palm, we all dress up like a lady and gentleman, first time ever…. wearing a evening gown.


Macau and Hong Kong Concierge


We are crazy, cross keys!!!


Macao and Taiwan members

Time flies, and 5 days in Dubai is finished and time to go back to the reality…. work hard play hard, look forward to the next journey with you. 🙂


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