Nam Van Lake & Durian Dessert in my day off

Working in a operation department in a hotel, we only have 1 day off per week, when the day off come, you don’t know if you want to take a rest or go out for fun, if you take a rest for the whole day, you will feel like you have wasted a day off, however if you go out and play for the whole day, you will feel like you don’t have time to take rest then need to work for another 6 days again……..==”’

During the day off yesterday, I decided to hang out with Stephen and also because of the VIP day in New Yaohan, after we do some little shopping, we went to Nam Van Lake, Nam Van Lake is a new attraction in Macao where you can have a water bicycle ride and also there is IFT Café with indoor and outdoor area, it is a best place to spend some time…


Sandwich at IFT Café, affordable… best place for student.


Picture at the Nam Van Lake side, need to borrow the life jacket before riding…

The water bicycle is only cost MOP20 for 2 person with 30 minutes, if you have time, you definitely need to try this out and this is the only place where you can have this activity in Macao. After the visit in Nam Van Lake, we walk to have dessert, durian dessert, my favorite!!!

Memory Lane, located opposite to Kun Iam Temple, is a very small dessert restaurant, 2 of us only order 1 durian set, there are total 4 kinds of durian dessert in this set, and each of them has a very strong durian favor which I never had before, if you like durian, you must have a try and it won’t disappoint you.


King Fruit Set, MOP88, enough for 2 pax, this is 2 of the dessert in the set.

Wondering where to go in my next day off, any suggestion???


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