Need FUN Urgently!!!

Working more than 12hrs per days, and it has been a week already… I really need to leave this town, take me away please >_< look forward to my 3 days off next week after 10 working days!!!



Family Day👨‍👩‍👧

Family day, having the same RDO with my dad and I decided to bring them to try something new. 

We went to La Chine to have our morning tea, this restaurant is located at level 6 inside the tower, the food is good and my parent were so happy and keep taking photo and post to the social media XD

We have ordered total 4 dim sum, 1 fired rice, 1 veggie, 1 dumpling, it cost mop600 in total without any discount. (There is 10% discount for SRC member) 

Long time haven’t spend time with my parent and love to bring them around and enjoy the time being with them.😙😙😙