Birthday Foshan Trip

So busy preparing my wedding these day and finally I have time to update my birthday in August.

Stephen and I went to Foshan for a short trip, we only stay 2 night in Double Tree, the first day we arrived is already 20:00, we just stay in hotel for the first night and full day sightseeing on the next day.

One of the place that we went to is 南風古灶,that is such a beautiful and peaceful place.

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First Time in DUBAI!!!

It has been one and half month, but I feel so excited until now when thinking about the Dubai trip in April 2016.

I never think I can go to Dubai and this time, there is a opportunity for me and Stephen to join the international congress in Dubai, there were so many first time happened in Dubai and we both have a unforgettable experience in our life.

Since we are taking 7am flight to Dubai from Hong Kong, so all the member from Macao depart together and we were taking 3am ferry to Hong Kong, then we go to the airport directly to check in.


We are ready!!! XD @ HKIA

This was the longest flight in my life, at least until this moment, it took 8 hours from HK to Dubai and what we did on the plane? You know it (zzzZZZ)………. since we didn’t sleep for the whole night, when we are on the plane, we were so tired already and we skip the breakfast and sleep until the lunch time…..

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在婚拍之後,我們在台北多待了五天四夜,其實我們都沒有什麼行程,就是要放輕鬆到處亂迋,每天的行程都是前一個晚上睡覺前GOOGLE的,本來想搜一下上引水產,但不小心就被我搜到一家在菜市場裡面的小攤檔—西湖小立吞,比起知名度極高的上引水產,我們對這個小小的攤檔更有興趣,而且名字也是超特別的… 小立吞!!!


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